Chevy bolt one pay calculation gone wild - help

Seeking help on calculation from dealer on 1 pay lease in MA with GM rebate, college grad rebate, lease loyalty, and Costco on base model. MSRP $39790, Sell $35158.85. Dealer says $10,250 in rebates, MF at .00001, doc of $379, 6.25% sales tax in MA. Advance payments of $16353.72 and upfront charges of $1384.58 and residual of $19895 on a 36/10K. Dealer worksheet shown below but one pay of $7488.30 does not sync at all with lease hack calc. Good discount on MSRP so need to know how to massage dealer into the right calculation or show me where I am wrong!

I get $7,126 with those numbers assuming that the tax is levied on the monthly payment in MA (top option on the calculator). But that doesn’t account for any DMV fees since they aren’t listed on the sheet and you didn’t mention them. Does the $362.30 difference sound about right for MA?

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Thanks for the quick answer. Appreciated. $135 is the DMV fee here. I can probably get supplier code as well but you pointed out where I went wrong in the calc. Just getting jealous of the sub $6K deals on the Bolt posted here, together with the fact MA offers $2500 rebate.

Well if you have the Grad program that’s basically the same thing as supplier. With either one you could try to get them to take the $75 dollar doc fee that supplier offers, instead of the $379, if they won’t come down further on the price.

So, you call this Bolt deal here in MA a good deal? Leaving a few hundred on the table but there is a $2500 MA rebate so net to $4700 on the final squeeze. But I drove the car. More road noise than I liked and tires felt like they were inflated to 200psi. Maybe too cheap to pass up…

Selling price is good. Bolt Residual went from 53% to 50% and increases the cost of lease by approx $1200.

It sounds pretty solid, I don’t recall any recent comps in MA but 10%+ discount in the northeast is definitely good. The tires on these unfortunately suck by design. They are designed for maximum efficiency, very little grip. You may want to check to see what they were inflated to though. Should be at 36 psi.