Chevy Bolt lease rebates and incentives (SoCal)

I’ve been perusing these forums and have seen a lot deals on a Chevy Bolt lately, even some that are technically free after rebates. I thought it would never workout for me cause they’re unicorn deals but I’ve looked into it and surprisingly I think it will work for me.

I want to get confirmation from you guys on here if the info I have is correct or if I am misunderstanding something and it wont work.

Costco: $3,000 for having a Costco membership. It seems like this is taken off the price of the car directly at the dealership.

Clean Vehicle Grants (CVAP): $5,000 for a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) - this is a grant and it seems like I have to apply for this first. Then if I am approved I will get a voucher from them and bring that voucher to a dealership within their network. Is this correct?

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP): $2,000 - this is a rebate that I can claim after leasing the Bolt and will be in the form of a check.
CVRP Low Income - I qualify for this which is a $2,500 extra. It looks like this is also a check like the regular CVRP above.

Consumer Assistance Program (CAP): $1,500 for retiring my current gas powered vehicle.

Clean fuel reward: $1500 - not sure if this goes directly to the dealership at the time of purchase or if this is something I claim afterward. This program also has a list of dealerships within its network, and it’s a fairly small list as well.

Limited EV Purchase Credit - not sure how much this is. It’s only for those in SoCal using SDG&E and needs to be submitted after purchase/lease.

Electric Vehicle Climate Credit: $850 - this is also through SDG&E and will be a credit on the electric bill.

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program – CVA Program (Statewide) - $2,000 for a level 2 home charger. I won’t be counting this as part of the total discount because it doesn’t technically goes toward the price of the car but it’s nice to have.

Overall, it seems like I can get a total of $14,500 off the price of the car. I wanted to do a one-pay lease and I’ve seen deals ranging from $6k to $10k for a 36 month 10k/year lease. Since the $3k Costco discount is applied directly already, I feel like this deal is baked into the price, so I realistically would be $11,500 in rebates and grants. Does this actually mean that I can do a one-pay lease and completely pay this amount off with my rebates and grants if I am able to get a one-pay around the $8k range?


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I’m looking for this in SoCal too

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