Chevy bolt Insurance

Hey Hackrs

So I am all set with a chevy bolt one paylease getting the car for free basically. Just found out the insurance quote on it from Allstate will be $265 a month! One speeding ticket on record, anyone else have a super high insurance cost or know of someone who insures them cheaper? Im not even gonna do the deal if this is actually the insurance cost, the whole point was to get the car for free.

any advice?

Have you gotten quotes from other places? Prices can vary wildly.


Asking for comps for insurance is futile. Too many variables.

Your best bet is to just get quotes on your own. Age, record, credit history, types of coverage, etc… No 2 apples are alike when it comes to inurance.


Insurance costs for EV’s are generally higher than typical cars due to the higher costs of replacement/repair. As others said, you’ll need to shop around

If you have Costco get a quote from their Connect partner, rates are way cheaper than any other insurance I’ve had so far… even cheaper if you have 2+ vehicles on the policy
My Tesla 3 and Tacoma are at $680 for 6 months for both cars with 100/300/100 limits and $250/$500 in collision and comprehensive. Also inclusive of GAP for the Tesla

Try to get a quote for a Corolla and see if the rate is any different. If the quote is still high, it’s not the car’s fault.


Shop around, your record isn’t helping, but it’s not the Bolt. I have 3 cars including a Bolt and I pay $210/mo with Esurance, two driver’s over 40 with fairly clean records, no tickets in over 10 years. All full coverage and $500 deductible

I have Allstate in NJ and I found the bolt to be very expensive to insure, about 2x more then my other new vehicles (Sierra 1500, Mercedes GLA). My quote was around $100/mo – I can’t imagine $265/mo – but still enough to dissuade me from getting one.

I would check out Geico if they are available in your area. $265 seems expensive, even with 1 speeding ticket.

I’m at 69/month on a Bolt lease. Full coverage, $500 deductibles, under 30, clean driving record, low crime area of VA. Also through Allstate. Received a quote for about the same amount through USAA.

Correct. EV insurance is higher. Plus if you have umbrella insurance, that will go up with the extra car. Greater liability.

There wont be a usable data point for you from others individuals …too many individual factors
Your state may shop carriers on your behalf
Google: premium comparison and your state insurance departments name
In Arizona here is ours

My Bolt is $445/6 Months. All of my cars cost between $400-525/6 Months.

Im currently paying about $205/mo for two Bolts and a Gladiator through Allstate, two drivers.

Try to see if a $30k car is cheaper than a $30k ev. Many insurers actually have ev discounts.
OP, it’s not the car…it’s you. I insured 2 evs for almost half of what you were quoted and full high coverage in SoCal. Keep shopping.