Chevy Bolt Deal in MA, should I take it?

I’ve been in the market for a Bolt, looking to lease by end of month, and the best I have been able to grind is a 2018 Bolt LT, MSRP $38700, lease price is $31,998 (after dealer discount and $1500 rebate and $2500 Asian conquest rebate) MF is .00109, and RV is 59%, they quoted me for $334/mo for 36/mo and 12K/yr, all taxes and fees rolled in, nothing down, only first payment due at signing. This bolt also comes with Fast Charging capability. I would also be eligible for the $2500 MA EV rebate so the effective lease would be $265/mo for 36/mo, thoughts?! Is this the best deal out there?

Was this at Quirk?

I picked up a 18 Bolt LT about a month ago with the same options but for 399 month. Only difference is mine was for 20k miles a year.

No, this is at Mirak, how do you like it so far?

With the 2.5k conquest and 1.5k rebate, their discount is only 2k. Not good enough. The sales price needs to be 29k. Mirak has a ton of BOLTS they have not been able to sell, don’t hesitate go for the kill

@vhooloo thanks for the tip, so what should I counter with?

Why are you starting multiple threads on the same topic?

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