Chevy bolt charging

Has anyone gotten free charging credit for their Chevy Bolt’s?

Any suggestions here or are new owners just on their own in this regard? I’m in the Los Angeles area and can’t charge at home! Getting the DC fast charger Bolt.

If you can’t charge at home or at work, I don’t see the point in getting an all-electric vehicle.


Didn’t get a free charging credit. I charge my Bolt at work once or two times a week, no DC. DC charger is way too expensive and I really don’t see a point to use it often.

Chevy doesn’t give out free charging card like BMW or Nissan. But you can always buy those charging plans from ChargePoint or NRG EVGO

Are there any good recommendations for L2 Charger for Chevy Bolt to be installed at home?

There’s a pretty good selection on Amazon, around $300 for a 32amp, 16amp $200

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I haven’t taken a close look at it, but in the bag with the owners manual there does seem to be a charge point card. I have no idea if it has anything on it to get you started though. I need to take a look tonight.

Will 32 amp be good enough to get charging of 25 miles an hour?

I’d head over to the Bolt forum, tons of info over there

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The federal government will give you up to $1,000 credit for purchase of a home charger and wiring/electrical work. See form 8911: IRS Form 8911


It really depends where you shop for it. In CA you can find a alot of good used chargers on CL or ebay. The first generation Juicebox are cheap and very reliable…however, make sure you chack the requirements for the charger tax credit…used may not qualify.

As for your 25 miles question…it really depends how you are driving it. The Bolt is listed as 32 amperes, 7.2 kw per hour (owners have actually reported rates up to 8). That 7.2 kWh can mean 20 on a heavy foot or 35 on grandpa mode.

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I see that it is 30% of the overall cost or $1000 whichever is lesser.

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