Chevy Bolt $199/M in St. Louis MO

I am talking to chevy dealer in st louis area, to lease chevy bolt with costco rebate. the best price I got from now is 199$/month including tax, title, dealer fees and 0 down for 36 months. Is this a good deal?

Also is the car reliable enough?

Thank you
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

It very hard to judge the deal from just per month. Ask them for a full break down, discount and rebates. Also check for state rebates.
I got a bolt in NJ, but NJ has sweet deals like no tax and 5000$ state rebate.

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Which trim and equipment?

There’s a lot of info missing here, but generally speaking, if your total lease cost is around $7k ($199 x 36) before any state rebates, that’s within range of the good deals we’ve been seeing on these.

Do you qualify for the GM loyalty bonus? If you don’t, a total cost of $7000-ish is a good deal.
If you do qualify, however, you can try to shoot for a total cost of below $5000 with one pay.

It’s an EV under warranty… not like it’s a FCA product :slight_smile:


We don’t even know how much you’re paying the govt and how much you’re paying Chevy



Lol, funny story, I was showing my car to friends yesterday, and the driver side back door does not open from inside, only opens from outside…lol
So yes its a chevy.

Check the child safety lock :grin:


I was just about to say that. There should be a little switch on the inside doorjamb I believe. This happened to me with my Acadia and I freaked out at first.

I did, the other door opens fine. Just not the driver side door. Also it opens from outside, just not from the inside of the car.

I will check for that, I am not too bothered as most of the time its just me in the car. I will call dealership on monday and update them.

sorry for missing info

below are the details, as much, I got from the dealer

the car is Bolt EV 5dr Wagon LT.

I saw the ad on FB from dealer lease Chevy Bolt EV for 199$/M. I have leased 3 cars prior (thanks to leasehackr). I contacted the dealer and asked for the deal. I was told $199/M + tax/title/fees. Then I countered with $3000 Costco Rebate and GM loyalty and then the dealer reverted to me with 199/month, all-inclusive.

I have leased 169$/month GMC terrain and do pay 223.5$/month, where the difference is toward tax/title and dealer fee. so I am assuming with $199/M, the price is below $150.

With Illinois taxation, they are not able to give clear information, as they are in Missouri.

the only piece of info I have is the attached picture.

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best luck,

I just asked them to rerun the numbers for one pay.

Illinois taxes you on the payment, any rebates, and down payment. The percentage changes depending on what county you are in (6.5% to 9.5%). If you are in Chicago, add an additional 9% sales tax to the 9.5%.

With both COSTCO and loyalty, You can definitely do better than that even with IL taxation. I have worked with a pretty good IL dealer. PM me for info.