Chevrolet Suburban discounts

Has anybody gotten decent discounts on a suburban? I am seeing approximately 10k off msrp (15%) discounts on 2018 models and was wondering where should I be aiming at? does 25%? sounds too high? I know the lease numbers won’t run too well, but worst case scenario, ill just buy it and sell it in 3 years?

any help is appreciated!!

The prices you see are most likely for purchase and include all the rebates available so in reality for a lease you probably won’t even be at 15% off. When I was looking the lower trims leased better than the premier and some of those can be reasonable as far as full size American suv go. There’s a couple good Chevy dealers on here that are very active so just ask them what’s realistic

so I just checked, the sale price includes only 1 offer which is the GM Lease Loyalty or Conquest 1
non GM vehicle qualifies 1500 instead of 2000, so im assuming theres only 500$ in difference, the rest are considered dealer discounts or incentives no?

I’d ask one of the Chevy dealers here but looking at the website it looks like chevys offering over 7k of discounts that say not available on lease so I’m thinking that’s the big discounts you’re seeing

Big chevy discounts on lease too?

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Wow that seems real good for a suburban

Yes, almost too good to be true. Something Quirk is known for.

Wow seems pretty good at the discount. I will go check it out. thank you very much!

If you go to Quirk Chevy please let us know how it goes.