Chevrolet pull-ahead for one-pay leases

How does the Chevrolet/GM pull ahead offer work if you are returning a one-pay lease? All I could find is this vague text “GM pays up to $1000 or up to 3 payments on your current lease”. For one-pay leases, do they pay the pro-rated amount of the original one-pay lease price? I.e. if there are 3 months remaining, they would pay 3/36ths (which is 1/12th) of the original one-pay lease price?

You try calling them?

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Have you received an actual Pull Ahead offer from GM/Chevy? Do you have a current One Pay lease? If you log into your GM Financial account you will see what your “monthly payment” is. You’d need to confirm the terms and conditions of the offer, but you would most likely be entitled to three of those payments or $1,000, whichever is less.

Yes I tried calling them. I just end up on hold with weird sporadic loud static. I never get through to a human just through the phone prompts.

I didn’t receive an offer in the mail or by email but apparently there is an offer available as I have seen it mentioned on Chevy/GM dealer websites though only with that vague language.

I do have a current one pay lease.

Those pull ahead offers are usually targeted with a specific code via mail and/or email.

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You’ll need to ask the dealer if you’re on the super-secret “manifest” list for a pull-ahead. Only they can tell you if you didn’t get a mailer. Otherwise, you likely won’t qualify.

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As luck would have it, I actually got the pull-ahead offer in the mail today. It’s not totally clear about how it would work with an existing one-pay lease, but here are the relevant parts from the offer:

”Covers up to $1000 for Chevrolet lessees of up to 3 remaining lease payments not already due, excluding excess wear and mileage overage charges.”

Since I have a one-pay, then I have no lease payments not already due. Sounds like I would not benefit.

“On GM Financial lease contracts, this allowance must be used as capitalized cost reduction assistance”

This is less favorable than a dollar-for-dollar reduction in my future lease payments.

I would check with GM Financial and/or the dealer. According to your GM Financial account, you DO have payments due. They are just making them for you with the money you already gave them.

I noticed that the printed lease pull ahead offer I received has a cash allowance of $1500 on 2020 Bolt EV. This is in addition to the 3 remaining lease payments Chevrolet will cover up to $1000 on the old lease.

Is that cash allowance “new money” when considering the total incentives currently available on the Bolt? In other words, since I’m in the SF Bay Area would my “taxed incentives” line in the lease calculator be $11,650 + $1500 = $13,150?

@ethanrs — Can you tell me if the $1500 cash allowance in my lease pull ahead offer stacks with the other incentives? So the incentive line becomes $13,150 for SF Bay Area?

$1,500 pullahead is the same as lease loyalty / conquest. You can’t stack both.