Chevrolet Loyality and Conquest doesn’t stack!

Just got back from the dealership was shopping for a 2019 Equinox i was told that loyality and competitive/conquest rebates doesn’t stack and also they were saying for competitive/conquest the lease has to have your name on it even though if its in the same household with same address! Im trying to see if thats true because i was offered $46xx.00 one pay for 24/10k i was trying to get at $3k one pay but conquest rebate caught me off guard and on top i have private offer code which i still haven’t told them yet it will make the deal even sweeter!!

That’s typically the case. They offer a similar rebate for “everyone” in that manner, but it makes it sound like it’s something special.


Private offer doesn’t stack with loyalty OR conquest typically. If read the fine print so you don’t embarrass yourself again

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I think private offer does stack. Are you sure?

I’ve definitlety done deals with both

Correct on getting loyalty or conquest, greater of the two.

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The fine print on a lot of them that I’ve seen says it doesn’t stack. The last Terrain one didn’t stack

I will read the fine print and get back to you on that but i think i read that it stacks

loyalty and conquest NEVER stack.
and household transferable is fine.

but you literally need to match license to license and registration and be identical.

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Have you ever seen a private offer not stack with one of those?

You would know best!

I’ve always seen a private offer go through as the last thing, separate from any prior rebates/negotiation

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Thanks for the clarification much appreciated

I have received a targeted certificate with lease pull ahead payments (4 payments up to $2500) + cash allowance ($1500 on '19 Equinox LT/LS). Is cash allowance same as loyalty and both stackable?

Private offer stacks just checked