Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

that’s correct. however, i have no affiliation with any tax laws, federal rebates, clean vehicle rebates, etc etc and it’s based on your tax liability. chevrolet is not phased out yet so you can still claim 7500 federal rebate. this is applicable to the volt as well.

So roughly speaking, the asking price is 35150-6500 + tax and then I get the 7500 tax credit and 1500 cvrp… Net cost $22500?

Volt Hybrid is 34xxx msrp - 8500 w/ lease loyalty and supplier discount + fees - 7500 fed - 1500 state. net ~16k
Bolt EV is 38xxx msrp - 6500 w/ lease loyalty and supplier discount + fees - 7500 fed - 2500 state. net ~21,500

Wow that’s a pretty sweet deal. How much does the price go up if I don’t have a supplier code? Maybe it’s worth the time to apply and work a few hours at Walmart :thinking:

LMAO ~500. good plan.

Actually about 16.5k

Just to clarify, the TTL is applied to the amount after the 8500 is applied, or is it MSRP+TTL minus 8500? Blame it on the tax people in California for this question :unamused:

And assuming I’m unsuccessful at acquiring a job at Walmart to cashier for two hours, does that mean my discount is down to 8k? I much prefer the VW friends and family way, picking up the tab at Lawry’s gets me alot of certificates :joy:

Hi chevysalesgirl,

What is the best way to reach out to you? Email or text? I wrote an e-mail to you yesterday, but wanted to double check.


hahahha omg. msrp - dealer discount & rebates = selling + ttl.

circling back to everyone this AM. was busy busy evening yesterday.

Don’t lie @chevysalesgirl - You were busy keyboard warrioring last night. :rofl:

LMAO little bit of that. was waiting for finance so i had opportune moments :stuck_out_tongue:

Any more volts available? 36/15 LT
In white or grey?

pretty much everything i’m doing by dealer trade right now. i have one blue one and a couple black pack LTs and premiers.

Hey Chevysalesgirl,
We know you grind but don’t wear yourself out. Thanks for all you do!!!

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hahaha i have a steady flow of starbucks and redbull in my veins at all times. i appreciate the lookout. river trip this coming weekend :palm_tree::sunglasses::motor_boat:

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Did it grow you wings? :grin:

it got me this far :rofl: i keep looking for one of those circular redbull coolers online :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

just an update. the only LT’s i have are blackpacks. any other color LT I have to dealer trade for. I will be here until thursday night then gone for the weekend.

:rofl: Trish

#SquadGoals #Twinning :rofl::yum: