Chevrolet $1000 private offer, how to get it?

Was someone able to do it? This is when it shows up randomly instead of Request a quote pop up.

I found a way to trigger the pop up, go to any car (chevrolet camaro works great, and click build, then start clicking options/colors it will reload the page and soon show the pop up, but again shows as Request a quote)

I know someone got it couple of months ago but what about March.

I got it on Friday. Took only 3 tries to get it.

  1. Chrome Incognito Window
  3. “Build & Price”
  4. Boom - Immediate Private Offer Pop-Up - No need to actually build the car.

Took me 3 tries but it eventually came up. It also works with other car models so if you dont get it on the Camaro, jump to a different model.

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I tried like 500 times using all 3 different browsers and VPN from like 10 states! only thing I get is this

What’s the catch? Maybe you were clicking some ads before so you are highly targeted for them. Also the link you gave just goes to camaro now.

Thats the exact link I used and worked just fine for me.
Didnt click any ads. In fact it was my first day researching the Chevy Volt when I heard that there was a $1000 private offer through the site.

Thanks for sharing the tips Sandy!

No go for me either.

I have a private offer which i am not using. I recently leased a chevy cruze and did not get the offer at that time. I have the authorization code and i can share it if anybody is buying a car before April. Let me know.

Yes, I’m leasing soon. Could you send me the code? TIA

send me your email id.

If not taken by please send it to me

The code won’t do you any good, it’s only good for the person who claimed it or someone in the same household.

How can I get a code on my own

Does private offer stack on lease with bonus tag and conquest lease or gm loyalty bonus???

I have been told the private offer doesn’t stack with lease loyalty, but I’m not sure of the others.

Stacks with super tag, not loyalty.

Super/bonus tags only good for purchases this month, not leases. Trust me, I tried.

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