Check these numbers for a 2017 Mercedes C300

Msrp is $47400, rest of the info should be in picture. Is the selling price the only thing left to negotiate?


Doesn’t look like a good deal. You’re paying over $30k to drive this for 4 years, plus you will be responsible for it when it’s out of warranty.

Looking closer at the deal, the acq fee might be marked up. Also, are you sure the MSRP is $47k? Why is the dealer basing the residual on the sales price of $42k?

Is there a reason you are leasing for 48 months? Overall this deal miserably fails the 1% test. I can tell you that I just leased a 2017 E300 4matic with an MSRP of 59,775 for $429/month. Granted, that was a 36 month, 10k annual mile lease, but I feel like $600 a month for a 42k C class is way too high.

lol you could get a e class instead. do not take this deal. its so bad its making my eyes bleed.

Trying to help someone avoid a mistake. She currently leases a 2015 C300 and the Benz dealer is taking it in trade and offering the above deal. Just trying to figure out how they are ripping her off.

Taking another quick look at this “deal”, the dealer is taking exactly ZERO off of the MSRP of this car. That is why the monthly payment is insultingly high. The “Vehicle Selling Price” is MSRP (as evidenced by the break down of residual) and that is a total joke. You should be able to negotiate 10-15% off of the MSRP rather easily. They have included ZERO incentives at all in this deal. I would say that this the perfect example of a salesman’s special. Zero incentives, selling the car at sticker, marking up the acquisition fee $300 (the MB acquisition is $795), and hitting you with some generic “accessories” charge of $249. You need to run…RUN far away from this “deal”. I want to think that this is just the dealers first “offer” (I would not qualify it as an offer since they did not discount a single thing in fact they are raking you over the coals on literally every part of this deal), but I personally would probably reach out to some other local dealers and avoid this one. Just my 2 cents


If the MSRP on this car is 47400, then why is the dealer doing the residual calculation based off of the “selling” price of 42,485? That “mistake” is going to cost your friend a boatload of money. 47,400 x 49% leaves you a residual value of 23,226, not the 20,817.65 that they are showing on this offer sheet. That 20,817.65 is 49% of the “selling price” of 42,485. Something seems fishy about these numbers.

You’re right the msrp is the $42k price. No discount at all. I believe she’s trying to roll over the negative from her current lease into this new one and that is why it’s such a bad deal.

That would certainly make sense.

Trying to get out from one bad (?) deal and getting into an even worst deal on essentially the same car? Makes little sense.

I agree with Ursus (and to clarify, when I said it makes sense, I meant the pricing, NOT doing the deal). Your friend really needs to stay in her current lease until it is completed. Mercedes will start reaching out to her about 6 months asking her to come in and get a new car (they will waive the last 6 months when you lease a new MB). Your friend does NOT want to get into a 48 month lease where she will be paying $600 a month.

Thank you so much, she has 16 months left on her current lease so I’m trying to get her to just leave the dealership right now but they have their hooks in her.

I don’t understand how some people refuse to say no and leave. It’s like they feel obligated they have to buy something since they went to the store…

Did she post a selfie in the new car yet? :slight_smile: But seriously, I agree with @adamcar, but also understand that it’s not that easy for some people.

You could get an f - type and pay $100 less!

If she already has negative equity, this is going to add to that and just snowball like credit card debt – it is simply not worth getting stressed out about a car payment. If your friend can not afford to pay off the negative equity, do NOT lease a new car hoping your problems would go away magically.

… unless you are an awesome negotiator and can get the dealer to eat all of the negative equity then by all means :slight_smile:

If she wants to get ripped off that’s her problem. Let her wait until 6 months before lease end then she can hire a broker. Waste of time if she goes in by herself. She’s easy to rip off.

Broker since she’s not letting someone else negotiate like you.

Walk away from that salesman/dealer. She needs a fleet manager to get something decent if she refuses to negotiate.

But 48 month lease proves she’s lost in what she’s doing. Become a salesman and sell her a car and make profit :sunglasses: