Check My Deal-Lyriq

This a 2024 Lyriq demo with 1.2k miles. Zip 73012.

Pretty sure I have seen bigger discounts on new.

More than 8.3% on a new one?

Thought I had, could be wrong.

Whats the breakdoen on incentives here?

Only way i can get to $6k for that zip is if its costco, conquest, and the regular incentive with the $2500 loaner rolled up in the discount.

I think it has the RWD incentive.

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It’s 1000 Costco 500 Educator 2500 retired loaner and the rest not sure

Is this a luxury 1 or tech trim? Others have posted better deals, similar monthly payments but with no money down. Not a terrible price, but also nothing special especially if it is a demo. If it is a lux/sport 2 or 3 this is a good deal.

Edit: just checked their website, push for the same monthly payments with $0 down and you’ve got a deal.

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