Check in 2023 BMW i4 40

got a verbal offer without too much details on MF etc. and would like to seek opinion

2023 i4 edrive40 MSRP 63720

3 year/10k lease

3000 total drive off (include everything) + 681/mo.

stated 5k discount off MSRP + 7500 EV discount, not sure about other details.

does it sounds reasonable?

$5K discount is a little under 8% off, which is OK – but I would be looking for 10% on a 23 eDrive40.

Post a link to your best attempt at the LH calculator.

this is what I got. 10k used residual 52% and MF 0.00185, comes up 667 and dealer’s number is 681 which is close

Did you use the lookup to find the actual RV/MF or make them up?

not sure where to look up officially, but I googled and got the latest mention in link below.

7500 EV Rebate is not a discount and is taxed, so your selling price should be the 5K stated discount and 7500 should moved to the taxed incentive.

I guess the 10k RV is 53%, so based on that number, assuming DMV fees of $600, I got $683 including your local sales tax. I would ask for a little more discount.

I would try and ask for an extra 1k off MSRP. Honestly, just ask for a lower monthly payment, it’s their headache how that happens.

Want to take over my edrive35 lease? I have had it for 6 months so 30 remaining. 12K miles per year and it is at 6K miles currently. It is drive with driver assistance, premium package, 19” wheels and a few other items. $831 a month.