Cheapest lease on 7 passenger suv

My mother in law needs a 7 passenger suv. Preferably one with second row captains chairs. Any chance if leaseing a suv like this for around $300 or under? Thanks.

Chevy Traverse is probably going to be your best bet. $300ish a month is definitely doable


Went through this a few months ago. If the captains chairs are a must, the Traverse will be the cheapest bet as you don’t have to get the highest trim level to get the captains chairs. If they aren’t required, the Nissan Pathfinder is your cheapest option as it can be had for much cheaper.

pathfinder has good programs? I inquiried about this with my nissan rep, and he told me lease programs on the pathfinder are not good. Specially now that is summer and gas prices are relatively low, so a lot of people want SUVs!