Cheapest lease in america right now with 12k miles?


yeah i think so. i just have to confirm he has the ability to actually plug this thing in at his home.

Don’t have to plug it in.
I’ve been driving it so far without and Stoll shows 50pmg

She doesn’t have to. It is plug in hybrid.

ok this might work. how do we discuss further?

I am checking now with my contact


@Jrouleau426 Tacoma is cheap but Ioniq is cheaper :smirk: if counting all in.

sorry i missed this post in my search. i will review your directions and get in touch.

Curious–is the gas engine really loud and noticeable? That is my experience with plug in hybrids when not on electric…

What’s the MF/RV on Hyundai’s cheapest car? Since he has loyalty

Somewhat - not much power but I have not found annoying after Tacoma and Jetta.

There is no loyalty on Ioniq;(

But would that be with the NY $1700 rebate? I am asking because if it is not, I have a neighbor who might be interested.

EDIT: : Looks like it is only $110 on this rig

I’m just wondering if something like an Accent or Elantra could be cheaper than an Ioniq

The Ioniq has $11,043 in Rebates granted you’re a NYS Resident and dealer is participating.
I cant imagine finding an Elantra with that many rebates

The lessee is not an NYS resident

Did some quick math on an Elantra SE based on Edmunds info from December. Not sure if Jan programs have changed

12% dealer discount* gets you to $170 plus TTL or $198 all in. First month DAS, 36/12.

  • I’d personally ask for a little more discount on a 2019 and see how it plays out.

Why Elantra would be better than Ioniq?

Throwing some ideas out there… IDK all the state-specific rebates involved in the Ioniq deals, but I recall the best were for NY residents. what’s the all-in payment for NJ resident?

Also: if it involves finding only NYS dealers (I see Albany mentioned) then that might be a bit of a hike for SNJ folks

It’s a hike for us downstate too haha. Problem is Extremely hard to find a Dealer participating, and once they realize how much it actually is after all Rebates, unwilling to sell at that price. Its in high demand and they know they can make more on someone else

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