Cheapest Crossover/Small Suv to lease? Budget $400 (lower preferred)


Need at minimum another 1K discount with end of year and factory to dealer hidden cash.

See Atlas thread for the "invoice game"dealers play…

Alfa Romeo stelvio

Crazy thing is I called up about 4 dealerships and 2 of them are “going to work on it for me” and the other two just flat out said they couldn’t beat that price and ended the conversation.

I’m going to expand the search area further and see what I can find. She likes the honda for all of the features are her price range.

You could get an Alfa Romeo and you’re looking at a Honda :man_facepalming:

This is what my sister is looking for; but you get me the math on how to get a stelvio in the $399 or lower bracket with 0 down payment because i’d have to consider getting myself one at that price point.

PM If you are serious then I have no problem helping you get one. I’m not a dealer or broker but I can help you out.

I seriously doubt that is possible, low $300’s was only possible recently on left over '18 blowout deals with good incentives, need details

Highlander deal

X2 or X3 could meet her criteria.

Usually that’s correct for the right deal. Less likely with tier 2 credit though.

Forester or Outback can both be lease for well under $400 with zero drive off…depending on how what model, closer to $300. I have both…Forester 19 is fantastic. Great car for LA.

Mazda leases terribly here in LA…maybe better in other parts of country?

Honda I find really ugly (weird coming from someone who owns two Subarus!), and the dash mounted shifter is a deal breaker!

Someone suggested a Highlander, but that is a very large car…felt like driving a boat. Probably terrific for road trips. Also feels really dated.

Good luck!

VW Tiguan could work for under $400 with not the best credit.

With 400 budget, there should be tons of SUV choices out there. Subaru for instance. If you can get a nice deal, also possible to get Lexus NX, BMW X3, Alfa Romeo

Nissan Rogues lease pretty cheaply. I have the base model with a cold weather package that doesn’t even have push button but does have auto collision braking, blind spot monitoring, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and heated seats. I hear bad things about long term reliability but when leasing who cares. I also get 30 MPG on average (a lot of highway driving). Only paying 269 a month after tax with $500 DAS for 3 years/ 15K.

I just finalized lease deal for a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT with confidence and convenience package. $30,340 MSRP. 3year/30k miles with only first months payment due at signing. $235/month all taxes and fees included.

Whoa! looks like a good deal, where are you located?

NC. It took a lot of work to get this deal.

So got her this today; she may get it but we’re gonna test drive later.

Mazda Cx5 GT; $0 due at signing and $339 per month. Got 8.2% off MSRP, it’s in the red color which added or it would have been even lower.
Got her at .00001 MF, her score was just high enough for tier 1 mazda. Only $110 rebate but I think that’s mazda in general.

It took a lot of dealer haggling and I made a few mad on the phone but it’s almost comical. To act offended when I go to another dealer because you didn’t offer a good enough deal. Acting like they wouldn’t be doing the same thing to save money.

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Gotta love how Mazdas drive!

I have rogue SV 2017.5 for 36000/3yrs I think i paid 282. reg and taxes were taken care
paying 282… still felt I could have haggled another $10.
I feel for SV lease should go for 250-260

That looks like a really good deal on top trim CX-5, is the $339 before or after sales tax? Also how many months and mile allowance?