Cheapest AWD in NYC area?

Hi, I’m in Long Island in a hilly area and my next car must be an AWD to get me through the snow safely. I don’t really care if it’s a car or little SUV, primary goal is a cheap lease for an AWD vehicle. Any advice?

You might want to consider looking into a Chevrolet Trax or Buick Encore. I’ve seen people reporting sub-$150 leases.

2016 Chevrolet Trax (all trims), 10,000 mi/yr residual
24 mo: 67%
36 mo: 57%
39 mo: 56%
.00040 MF
$1,450 lease cash
$750 incremental bonus cash (regional, avail. for NYC)

Targeted incentives: $1,500 non-GM lessee cash OR $2,500 Volt loyalty cash OR Private Offer (not sure the amount) OR $750 credit union member cash

Use TrueCar and Edmunds Price Promise to establish a target selling price (de-select all incentives). Then use calculator to estimate lease:

Also, if you’re concerned about snow, a set of snow tires on a FWD car will do better than any AWD car with all-season tires.

AWD helps you get going, but it doesn’t do anything for braking or turning!

Private cash for Trax is $500.

The current private offer ends 12/31/2015.