Cheapest (4-seat) Convertible to Lease?

Generally (or at least in SoCal), what convertible(s) is/are the best for leasing? i.e. Which are the cheapest and/or have the lowest monthly payments?

Preferably a 4-seat Convertible.

Be interested to see the replies as debating this myself amongst other models

Perhaps you should contact some dealers or a broker rather than hoping that other people do your homework for you?

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Convertibles, especially 4-seaters will lease bad, possibly worse than buying. You can consider taking these $10k and getting yourself a nice 2005-2009 Mustang GT convertible.

19 c300 cab i got quoted $795 pm $2000 DAS 62k msrp, and on the 19 430xi conv. i got quoted $765 pm $3200 DAS 64k msrp , so indeed they lease bad.

This one’s better
430 ragtop

Here you go.

you can’t compare a deal in NYC to a deal in SoCal

If OP wants a true four seater he isn’t going to be happy with a 2 series unless the rear seat passengers are midgets.

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2k. 500 incl tax 36/10 with lease & gmsupp company for 2019 Camaro Conv.

agreed pre-owned much cheaper.

500x35 + 2k is 19,500 anyway.

someone buy my 230xi, please and thank you.


Yeah, that’s the other annoying part of the OP’s post. He/she didn’t clarify if they wanted a USEABLE back seat or simply a nicely upholstered package shelf w/ seatbelts…

Not in the market so I don’t know- are there any mid or full size convertibles these days? I’ve seen a lot of the German ones (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi) and none of them seem to have a usable back seat.

Do you mean in terms of interior volume or simply exterior length? If it’s the former, I don’t know. If it’s the latter, there several (BMW 4-series and upcoming 8-series; Mercedes E- and S-class; Audi A5). And the Camaro would also be long enough.

My understanding is that the E-class convertible actually has more interior space than does the S-Class (!), so 4 adults could probably squeeze in there for a short time.

But, yes, most convertibles don’t seem to have a truly useable backseat, so I personally don’t see the point…

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Jeep wrangler…best 4 seat vert

Or Gladiator!

Though I’d hold out for the Gladiator Leslie Nielsen edition. :wink:

So funny you mentioned that since I had toyed w/ referencing it earlier!