Cheap 1-way rental cars?

Hi, does anybody know a rental car company that doesn’t charge a significant drop off fee for 1-way rentals?

Where are you planning on going? I think it depends on locale. I rented a Cruze from LA to Vegas, and I found 1 that didn’t have a crazy drop fee. I’ll have to look to see what company it was.

Also, have you tried auto slash dot com?

my friend is moving from chicago to california. Rates vary big time depending on location. I just found a different location but same company that was 50% cheaper. Auto Slash gave me higher prices than just going straight to the rental car site. I think I’m happy with what i got. $250 for 6 days for an midsize SUV 1-way. I don’t think i’ll be able to beat that. Thanks @mp11477

That’s a pretty solid deal going half way across country. Like you said, that might be tough to beat.

I do remember when I rented, it was off site from the airport, but they shuttled me. Airport to airport drop fee was crazy.

Found my paper…Enterprise

correct, there’s a daily airport facility charge and other fees that don’t apply for non-airport locations so that’s what i did as well. Found non-airport location.
I started at 700 this morning and ended up at 250. I think that is a solid deal on a 1-way rental across the country.


What company and did you have to make a phone call to negotiate the price?

Hertz and i just kept checking different locations (non-airport) on their website.


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Make a USAA account, you get a nice discount from hertz if you’re a member

don’t you need to be military or family member of military? How much of a discount?
I used AAA that was the best one I found that didn’t require something way out there they might question.

To my knowledge us regular people can sign up for a USAA account too (atleast I was able to and only my friend is military) just apply on their website. They let you know if your account was approved within a few mins.

I don’t remember off the top of my head, but I remember it brought down my $175 rental to $90. And if not a discount you can get free insurance or other things like that for having an account.

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I did recently thru Costco. Was the best deal comparing to other options.

costco is good but doesn’t help you with 1-way rentals

I see the ability to do one-way car rentals on Costco Travel.

I rented a Chevy Treverse from New ENgland to CA for $300 a week

you can but it doesn’t result in any significant savings just because of costco. They still charge the crazy drop-off fee. Costco doesn’t do Hertz and Hertz beat every other quote by 50% minimum once i found a particular location

I did one way with Costco. It was in the same area thou, just different locations.

Across state line completely different pricing

Recently did Costco. Pick up at off airport and return at airport in a different state.

Price was good. Remember to book ahead and check/rebook often.

Renting off airport saved me about $10 a day