Chase Card Maserati Offer: Match up to $5,000 down on a purchase or a lease

Got this offer from Chase:

Maybe of use to someone…

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That’s awesome! Should bring the LH score from a 4.2 to a 4.4 on a Quattro.


Does it pass the 1% rule?

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Yes, roughly 1% of LHers will use this ‘deal’


Too bad I got blacklisted by Chase for abusing their 0% balance transfers :man_shrugging:

Lol how’s it abuse if they keep offering to you & you use it?

LOL - they apparently don’t like it if I max out every cent, make only minimum payments and a few days before the 0% rate expires, pay it off in full… rinse and repeat for about 2 years straight.

Somebody’s gotta put the calculator on this thing lol

$200 off a 24 month lease


They dumb…they still charge you the 3% or 5% or something right?