Chase Buyout if Extending Lease

Anyone have success negotiating residual on a Chase lease? I am extending my lease as I have not figured out what to do and it seemed like the safest option. I can turn it in anytime between now and January.

Also, will the new buyout be the current buyout minus whatever I pay on the lease?

Chase can answer this better than anyone here.
What an irony - first wanting to get out of your lease after 6 months (?) and extending it by 6 months in the end

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Haven’t been able to find anything worth pulling the trigger on and used cars are limited during this time.

Reached out to Benedetto about a XC60 and seeing what he can do.

Please share if you do have success renegotiating residuals… all the latest updates have been :-1:
Would be good to hear of exceptions and how you got there. GLWT!

I only know of one person that has made out well in the end in this respect and that was because he couldn’t buy out or return his 328i convertible because of the Takata airbag recall, so they extended his lease at a much lower payment (sub-$300) and then reduced his lease-end buy out by more than the amount of the extra payments. He wanted to buy out the car and in the end saved a few thousand, but I’ve never heard of anyone else making out that well.

You are out of warranty, btw