Chase Bank clients Maserati offer

I received an email from Chase. I filled out their form and had a call within five minutes! If anyone is in the market for a Maserati, this may be a good place to begin…and the sales manager I spoke with was very, very enthusiastic about moving units.

Reminds me of Audi affinity - which is 6% for employees of select “partners”. You should be able to get more than that by negotiating. It’s a good option for someone who knows nothing and was about to pay sticker, but for people who come to
Leasahackr - it’s nothing noteworthy imo.


What are Levante usually goes these days? Had a friend interested, so I reached out a few. Had a dealer called my offered 2500 off MSRP as a special…:rofl:

I would have to agree.

I would agree as well, but it is a nice place to begin negotiating…especially since it is also before incentives.

I would have to disagree. You’re inadvertently anchoring yourself at 7% and starting there, meanwhile most dealers will then say their hands are tied “because of the program”

If you wanna hack it, don’t mention it.


Oh geeze. I received one of these email blasts about six months ago. As I was coming up on the last 9 mos of my GT lease I was hopeful this was a targeted offer looking to put me into a new unit with little negotiation. Turns out it was simply a generic sales offer which begot a “so I hear you’re interested in a Maserati” call from a local dealer that was virtually useless.

Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did…

I am not in the market, but thought it may help someone in negotiations, if they were in the market.