Charger SRT Fights Infiniti Q50 In Unexpected Rolling Race

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skeptical but I guess its possible. the rs400 is ready to run from the factory, the charger has to go right to the wheel shop for wider stickier tires to put down the power… from experience 245 tires are a joke on that car

Lot of variables here but beyond the weight difference the Charger is based on an older architecture and transmission. HP is great but there are many other variables that Impact performance and the Q50 probably has an advantage in most of those areas.

even when its new, its old

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Highly Skeptical but weight probably plays a major factor. I guess this is why they did a roll race to account for spinning tires.

Do we have any other information other than an SRT with cat delete and a Q50 3.0 twin turbo? I seriously doubt either of these cars are stock.

There’s definitely oil money in these cars. Too many variables here for this to even matter.

I Agree. Stock for stock slight edge to the Hemi, but once you start doing basic tune work on the Q, the edge is reversed, assuming the dodge remains relatively stock.

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tune on the q is like 50 whp maybe more

Yea, with no bolt-ons, you can easily see around 50 whp gain with a tune like ecu-tek.

Full bolt ons, and you can get in the 460-470 whp range (or +90-100 whp) on pump gas fairly easily.

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