Charge Up New Jersey Year 2

Looks like the proposal for year 2 or rather phase 2 isn’t just the difference of being “point of sale” application.

If you look at the charts most money went to model 3 & Y applicants, I presume because of that they decided to apply only up to $2k for vehicles $45-55k and up to $5k for vehicles under $45k msrp.


I have a feeling that Tesla is going to sue or file some other kind of grievance regarding these program changes and they may even have grounds to win. These changes are clearly collusion between the state’s dealer lobby and the BPU. That being said, I don’t blame them because this is just flat out embarrassing:

I know that I’m responsible for two of those Bolt sales and it’s possible that other people purchased or leased multiples as well so how many people actually bought them? If you believed many of the dealers in the state you would have thought that they were the hottest ticket item thanks to this incentive. I wonder if @AA-NJ kept records of how many Ioniqs he brokered? I’d love to know what percentage of that 241 units were directly attributable to him.

While I think it’s pretty dirty of them to change the rules at this point I am excited about this possibility:

This could make the 4xe tastier if PHEV’s get a flat number and somehow don’t get killed by the clearly Tesla targeted BEV MSRP rules.

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I think ifs just obvious that Tesla product is desirable with $0 incentives and/or discount, however given all the data I’m sure Tesla has a good argument for unfairness if that structure is implemented.

I was also very surprised to see only 415 Bolts, I got one for myself and another for a friend, but during dealer negotiations some made it seem like they’re made of gold (Somerset).


I’ve been waiting for this, hopefully applies to the 2022 Bolt EV/EUV.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, it checks all the boxes for qualifying.

I’m waiting for NJ $5k and Federal $10-12.5k to grab a bargain.

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Part of that will be dependent on whether banks actually go ahead and pass through all of that incentive. If it ends up being that high I could see some of them holding back a portion of it.

What about the Mustang Mach E with $7500 federal and $2K state sounds like good deal.

Hopefully fed rebate gets written in as point of sale rather then tax credit. Don’t think they can hold it back in that case. But that’s a big IF as is.

You would get the full $5,000 rebate on a Mach E that was under 45k. RWD select for example would qualify for $5,000 dollars since it is under the MSRP cap and has at least 200 miles of range. I could be wrong but it does not look like Ford is passing the $7,500 federal credit through on leases.

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Yeah, I would think so too, but the NJ Site doesn’t include any newer model year vehicles (only 2020-2021).

That’s just because the 2022’s weren’t really out when Phase 1 ended. They haven’t updated the site yet. I want to know how somebody managed to claim the incentive on a 2017 Sonata Plug In LMAOOOOOO


The site was updated this morning! :slight_smile:

But no MY22 vehicles yet. Only 20/21.

I’m hoping that we get some of the 2022 Bolt EUVs with Super Cruise or the 2022 Kona EV soon. I know I could get a 2021, but the new dash in the Kona is nice (and I’m not that impressed by ACC anymore, I like that my Subaru basically drove itself from NJ to VA with Subaru’s HDA).

Well this is sneaky… they apparently reduced the amount of times you can apply from 4 down to 3:


Below is the response I received after emailing about the NJ Charge Up Program.

Thank you for your email and interest in Charge Up New Jersey. Following the Board’s approval of the[budget for Fiscal Year 2022]
(, the new Point-of-Sale Program, which will provide an incentive at the time of purchase or lease, will launch at eligible dealerships and showrooms in the upcoming weeks.

As the Board has yet to finalize important program details, the official launch date of the Point-of-Sale program is still unknown.

Once all program details are finalized, the start of the Point-of-Sale program will be announced by the Board of Public Utilities. Upon program launch, up to date information including participating dealerships, eligible vehicles and incentive amounts can be found on our website. Please note that orders before the official launch of the new program will not be considered as eligible.

Please continue to check our website for further updates.

All this and more information can be found here:

Thank you for investing in clean vehicle technology!

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I feel that there will be a second wave of Jeep wrangler 4xe lease deals in NJ soon.

It won’t help. First, the MSRP cap is $55k, so you’d have to be stingy with options. Second, it is based on electric only range, so it comes to only $525 for the 4xe. Third, it has be be an NJ dealer, which means you’d have to overpay in the first place.


The sales tax exemption + Chargeup being $25 x electric range (up to $5k) is really intended to spur BEV adoption, not hybrid or PHEV.

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So far based on what I’ve heard I don’t like the way the program is being structured for year 2.

They’re making EV buyers postpone purchases, which a Volkswagen dealer confirmed by telling me the average ID.4 buyer is surprisingly savvy so they’re waiting for the rebate.

Then it seems like the Hyundai broker deals I’ve seen available for pre-order with the rebate are somehow the same price or more as they were without the $5,000 rebate. I knew this would potentially happen, as some dealers will try to hold more profit because of the rebate (MSRP instead of invoice, which is already how the market is operating due to the current market conditions) or structure a deal so as to essentially pocket the rebate. Hyundai already oddly lets dealers keep lease rebates rather than forcing them to pass them on, so this would be easy to do by only passing on i.e. $2,500 of the $7,500 federal tax credit.

The point-of-sale structure only really works reliably well for Tesla buyers. There’s no negotiation regardless and it will be seamlessly provided at time of purchase.

Considering that the state wasn’t super satisfied with the amount of rebates being distributed to Tesla’s compared to other car brands they’re working against themselves here in my opinion.

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