Change default to show search results sorted by “Latest”


Most ppl who use the search function are trying to find active/recent deals. But many don’t realize that it’s not sorted by most recent, so oftentimes we see ancient, irrelevant threads get brought back from the dead…

Is there a way to change the default so that search results are sorted by newest/most recent post (instead of “relevant” which is what it’s set to now)?


@littleviolette @michael what do you think?


Hmmm not sure about changing the default sorting to latest since the same car terms get mentioned repeatedly across different topics that might not be relevant to the search term at all.


Agreed, especially considering sorting by “relevance” almost certainly favors more recent threads anyway.


This was my suggestion a while ago when @28firefighter compiled the forum suggestions from everyone.

The problem is the default “relevance” will often show the most active threads/posts even if they’re really old. This creates a catch 21 situation when combined with older threads not being locked:

  1. There’s a really popular unicorn deal (e.g Hellcat, NSX, FType R, etc. Lots of activity and posts on it.
  2. Months later someone is searching for the same vehicle and finds the post (due to search defaulting to Relevance) from #1 and asks “is this deal still possible”. This continues to increase that threads relevance, even though it isn’t relevant at all anymore.
  3. This continues forever.
  4. We all die of boredom.

To stop that feedback loop the only option is lock older threads and/or, much easier, switch the search default to “Latest”.


Maybe default to “Latest Topic”


Yes, that’s the entire point I’m making here. See post title.

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Well, your Post title could use refinement, since there are two “Latest” sorting options,


I was making the point, that “Latest Topic” is probably the best option ti default to.


Ya that’s actually kinda confusing