Certified BMW vs Pre-Owned BMW


Hi guys,

I have a question.

2019 BMW 330i xDrive with about 4000 miles certified (Seattle area)
Original MSRP 50600.00
Residual 60%
MF 0.00182
They are asking 1800.40 down and 686.40 for monthly

2019 BMW 330i xDrive with M package with about 4000 miles, not certified. (Portland area)

Seattle area dealer is saying that they can go down much because it is certified vehicle…

To me, both are just used cars and one in seattle area is almost $6000.00 cheaper in original MSRP.

What’s so different about the certified?

Any comment appreciated!

You’re gonna get shut down quickly. Do your research please, 3 series deals are in abundance here on this forum. Both of your posted offer are horrible if that helps (especially the first one).


terrible deal… if you search the forum you’re in M340i territory


Yes, both deals are horrible for sure. But is there a price difference if one is certified and one is not? Do you know?

Who cares? You need a 5th year of warranty for a 3yr lease? Just run away from the place trying to shove that horrible CPO lease in your garage.




Exactly. To me, both are just used cars with left over warranty. But they are keep saying that since they are certified they can’t discount more, which is just nonsense.

It costs money to certify a car. There is a real implied cost as well, with a likely warranty repair or three.

The time they spend inspecting and replacing borderline things (air filters, cabin filters, tires, brakes, whatevers) cost money. They have to recover some of that via a higher price.


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Thanks for the clarification. I just asked for 17% off MSRP. I don’t even know that is good percentage, but I did and he said he will see what he can do. Just need to wait I guess. I wish there was a good broker in this area. So hard to get good BMW deals here…

You need to confirm it’s base MF too (.00142) or it will eat 2-3% of your discount if they try to max it out. Also the discount should be before manufacturer incentives. It’s a reasonable request in a tough market. Also dump any dealer addons like StarGard.

Regarding the CPO, They have less incentive to move it as it has more value as a used car than a typical demo. It’s rare you see a CPO that’s leasable so may have been a one off corporate car or BMW made an exception for some reason.

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So I am BMW Dealer, I won’t really comment on the deal itself as other have here, but shopping around a bit more couldn’t hurt…

We have a real cost for us to CPO a car. So we wouldn’t do it in a leasing scenario. With the one exception that you knew at the end you were buying it out. Then the cheapest way for you to get that extra 1-2 yr warranty is to do it right now in CPO. But its very rare.

Now… Maybe the dealer is trying to chase a CPO goal. But in terms of whats normal. This is not and your paying for something you wouldn’t use in a three year lease.


No reason why you would need CPO on a 10K lease (unless, as aforementioned, you are going to buy it out).

For the second lease you posted, get rid of whatever StarGuard is and start from there.

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some reason they have all of their 2019 330i listed as certified…don’t know why…

they got back to me with 5600 off of original MSRP which is about 11% still very high to me…said no and looks like they stepped out

Yeah, that’s not good as the mileage penalty put it around 8-9%.

Maybe try to find a deal in Cali and get it shipped? May need to sign in person tho.

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I was in Cali last week. It was just so much cheaper but I have trade in and also I couldnt find xdrive…last several years seattle had snow every year and i would not want to drive rwd in snow…

Might just nees to look something else… It looks like it is a seller’s market for bmw in seattle since there are only 2 dealerships in this area

Just do what everyone else does in Seattle and go to Oregon or elsewhere for a deal, don’t waste your time on fart cars that are only 11% off