Certified 2019 AMG G63 for sale

We currently have a 2019 G63 used with 7300 Miles on it.
CPO vehicle

Well taken care of and Maintained.

Sale price is $186,877

DM me for more details

Link to the Pictures

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What was the original MSRP on the unit?

Its orginal msrp $167,745

I’m sure this will go fast here!


i am just posting it everywhere. Mercedes is limiting produciton even more on them now. so there will be fewer of them

That’s the market for the G63. Actually a really good deal for a CPO.

You want a 20k markup on a USED G63? You do know they still go for sticker right?

Find me some available for sticker and I’ll buy 20 lmao

Quit piling this thread with garbage, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

If you look around my price is reasonable. the average USED price is 198k

I’m not saying there is not a market–I know it’s a unique model (who doesn’t want to drive what the Nazis drove?!). But there are 62 new G63 units on lots right now.

Maybe this is the only one in Omaha!

Its is, we are sold out of G wagons until next year august.

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There are 62 new and they’re sitting because the majority are holding at a ridiculous amount over MSRP.

Which is true.

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As they should, supply and demand.

Can you post the VIN?

Was offered this one at sticker for a client last week.

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WDCYC7HJ2KX327178 here it is

2021’s are coming. That would be my guess.

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Deal, when do you want to pickup?

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Looking at the Vehicle info screen. Looks like someone backed out.