Certain Bank Requirement

I had done a lot of leases in the past with LeaseHackrs and just thought this would be helpful information to share. Of course, I am speaking on behalf of the Toyota because I am selling the Toyotas, but still.

TMCCL (Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Leasing - Captive): Any credit above 620. Tier 1 starts from 720 and above. Customers don’t even have to have a current auto loan in order to lease. (Pulls Experian and Transunion)

USBank: Must have credit above 650. Tier 1 starts from 700 and above. Customers must have had an auto leased or financed in order to have USBank take a look at the lease. Only exception is the customer must have 800 credit score with a mortgage. (Pulls Transunion and Equifax)

Ally: Must have credit above 600. Tier S (Tier 1+) starts from 700 and above. Customer must have had a auto lease or financed in order to qualify for the Tier S. No exception. (Pulls Equifax and Experian)

Payments that I am posting is based off of Tier 1 on USBank or Tier S on Ally

I’d like to know any other manufacturer’s lease requirements. Thank you!


Can you clarify for those credit scores:

  • which bureau they pull
  • which FICO version, or if it’s Auto Enhanced Equifax


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I fixed the post, thanks!