CDK Global cyber incident

We have had CDK back for 8 days now, temp plate/electronic filing company is up and down (still have to print temp plates by hand about 50% of the time)

The other issue is that many aux companies to CDK haven’t “plugged back in” yet fully and its still an issue


Sorry if someone posted it

CDK Pays $25 million ransom

I suspect why but as my thoughts are not proven I won’t elaborate.

Pure speculation: If you had someone on the inside who was able to damage, compromise or disrupt whatever backups/redundancies you may have had in place, I assume that would make CDK more willing to pay ransom.

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Mine is more in the HR department. They didn’t need an inside man, it’s more how the MBA types treat their staff.

Edit : Speaking of HR, a job listing came up…coincidentally 1 month before the whole thing went down.