CCAP Lease End Buyout


Continuing the discussion from Jeep lease buyout question:

Wanted to continue from this thread in case people have CCAP questions. This is valid as of Feb. 9, 2022 and in CA. CCAP currently is the few financial bank that still allows for 3rd party buyouts. This is my 2nd CCAP lease.

CCAP will not provide a dealer buyout within 64 days of your lease termination. Within 64 days their system will not provide a dealer buyout so the CCAP reps cannot access it.

CCAP will provide the leasee buyout at any time.

*You may extend your lease from 1- 6 months but you will be responsible for the entire lease extension so they advise to extend month-by-month. If you extend your lease, the 64 day buyout policy should still apply based on the extension date termination but I’m not sure if anyone has done that or can verify?? I called twice and both reps mentioned that is the case.

Lease end tips:

  1. Know the policy from your lender (US Bank, Ally, Toyota Financial, etc)
  2. Plan ahead of time like 6 months before your lease term ends so you can weigh your options

I’m sure people wanna know

How soon can you sell the lease ?

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I’m guessing when your information is in CCAP system, which may take a couple of weeks to 1 month. Perhaps @vinny may know.

You definitely need an account number.

2nd part is registration. Most buyers have said they want you to have a registration in hand. A couple of people have managed to sell theirs without that, but it has been the rare exception.

Need plates in order to sell.

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How long does it take for CCAP to process/mail title once account paid off/closed?
Rep advises about 15 - 20 days. If you paid off, title will mail to you. If dealer paid off, mail to dealer.

CCAP Lease Team # 855-383-0558

Or register in a non-title holding state if you are just doing it for flips.

As soon as plates and registration are in hand. I have sold within a day of plates arriving.

I should have been more clearer
I was asking how soon after being funded can I sell

And it seems like the first payment doesn’t have to be made

Have you found someone to sell to without registering? If yes, as long as it’s funded it can be paid off immediately.

The key question is whether you can extend the lease and, in doing so, circumvent the 64-day rule.
If anyone has had success doing that, please let us know.
My lease is expiring next month and I have A LOT of equity in the car (2019 Ram Laramie).

Many posts here about extending and using that to circumvent that rule.

Without plates you can’t sell. How does ‘Funding’ come into play here?
With plates, it’s funded for sure. But without plates and ‘funded’ its still no good.

No proper registration with the DMV, then the dealer could be buying a stolen car for all they know.

Why is that, though? I’m curious about this myself. Having the open account means they sold/leased it to you. You have ID showing you are who you are. Why does it matter if it has a registration, too?

because there’s no title issued yet, only an MSO, and a car that hasn’t had a title issued on it can’t be sold.


Ah. that makes sense.
Although it can be sold without, as long as a title is produced within 30 days. At least according to Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc - #763 by Clutch
But, of course, I can understand someone not wanting to take that risk.

I don’t understand the relationship of lease extension (near the end of the lease) to minimum time needed to sell after lease inception.

In any case, does anyone have a datapoint in CA for quickest time between signing and flipping?

Two concurrent conversations going on I suspect.

As soon as your plates come you can sell it

It’ll be funded first (it shows the web portal)
Than plates will come

I assume if the plates arrive before before the 1st payment is due you can sell it

Definitely, if going thru a dealer to sell at auction, they definitely wont be taking the risk of a chargeback as they’re only making a grand at most