Cashback rewards when using debit card for lease payment?

to make it more specific, i went through my Volvo Financial Services account, which then goes to BillMatrix for processing.

actual lease payment went through just fine, but i didnt receive the expected cashback unfortunately. has anybody had luck with this lately? having a bit of trouble finding the MCC that is being used.

trying to find if its in the exclusion list below, or the card is just messing it up.

MCC Code Examples (but not limited to)
4829 Wire Transfers / Money Orders
6012 Member Financial Institution–Merchandise And Services
6051 Cash–Merchant
6211 Securities–Brokers and Dealers
6532 Card Top-up / Payment Service
6540 Payment Transactions

curious if anyone has luck with getting it, and/or can share the MCC if available?


Which bank is your debit card with?

well…crypto card, VISA debit…still trying to locate which bank its routing through lol

s/b CONTIS FINANCIAL SERVICES, LTD. as far as i can tell right now

I logged into my VCFS account, and first thing I noticed is the SSL certificate expired in October:

BillMatrix is a cutout for PCI compliance (which makes 0 sense, VCFS is administered by Bank of America which has their own CC processing, SMH), so this should not affect that. I see that debit card is only for one-time payment, and have autopay through my bank account. If nobody here has actually tried this (made a payment to VCFS using their debit card), it might be worth asking BillMatrix directly? Assume you asked VCFS already and the rep couldn’t answer the question?

Have you tried using something like Paypal Key?

Yes asked both VCFS and Billmatrix, without any luck. Both a bit confused why I was asking in the first place lol.

Without autopay is fine, if I’m getting the cashback properly.

I’ll keep digging though!

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Not yet. On a side note I do have it working nicely with google pay.

I was hesitant to get the higher tiered cards, since some of the exclusions are iffy.

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I tried this with BMWFS and a debit card from Discover tied to one of their checking accounts.

Instead of 1% back as advertised, it paid nothing.

Even though the merchant showed as BMWFS, Discover claimed that it was a third-party payment and disallowed the rewards per the account terms.

So I closed the checking account.

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Yeah the ROI on fighting this battle is so poor that it’s not worth it.

Yeah, there have been reports of PPK getting shut down for a lot of things, but it’s worth a shot (prolly wouldn’t risk it with an AMEX card lol)

appreciate the input. ill keep pressing them to see if i’ll have any luck. still like using the card for other misc expenses and getting the BTC, etc back in the meantime.
def had to try as this would be my biggest recurring bill.

Not to hijack this but anyone pay student loans with credit cards. Remember reading an article awhile back about purchasing student loan gift cards.

lol a welcome hijack, as i wouldn’t mind doing the same! older/private one, so interest is still low enough where I’m not in a rush to pay, but happy to find discounts.

I can’t find the article but there is gift cards which student loan companies accept. I want to say if I remember correctly the largest increment was $500

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I’m very familiar haha. That’s why in my next post i suggested to avoid using it with Amex. From my research though, people who used it for legitimate purposes weren’t being shut down - it was high volume MS which got them killed.

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The VGCs on sale at Office Depot work for debit payments on your BMW. Just bought $200 x2 for just under $400 and got about 2000 Chase UR with my INK card. Finally a way to get points for BMW lease payments.

Edit-1st payment went through. Tried a 2nd, and system said I must wait 10 min. Waited, and voila, $400 credited to my account. This is gonna be a fun ride