Cash Deal Price Different from MSRP?


Looking at a lease for a 2019 F-150 XLT (36mo, 15k/yr), sales person sends me these two images (below). Has anyone seen this or help explain why the Cash Deal price is $4k+ over the MSRP? Is the dealer just driving up the price?

He probably didn’t bother to update that since you’re leasing. It’s likely the OTD price based off MSRP which would include TT&L. Does it matter?

Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry if it was stupid question, I’m new to leasing. I would say it matters if it adjusts payment, no?

It isn’t involved in the payment.

It wasn’t stupid, it’s just irrelevant to a lease. Often times dealers have one sheet that has both lease and purchase/finance numbers on them, and if you’re doing a lease they won’t bother to change the finance numbers. I think it would really benefit you to read Leasing 101 and become familiar with how to calculate a lease by hand. The offer you have looks pretty good!

Thanks all! Will do.

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