Carvoy Out To Change Car Leasing For The Better

Guess they never heard of LH.
Anyone know anything about this?

how is this different from truecar?

I stopped ready after “both consumers and dealers are the beneficiaries” because that is impossible. It is a zero sum game: The manufacturer sells to the dealer for a fixed price; the dealer sells for a higher amount and pockets the difference, after his expenses. Having 3 dealers submit bids via an app or website is no different than sending a blast email and having 3 dealers respond. In most cases you can save substantially more $$$ by working the dealers, either by phone, email or in person. No negotiation = added dealer profit. The only “benefit” to the consumer is having the car delivered and avoiding time suck at the dealer. And you don’t need an app for that - I had several dealers who offered to deliver my car and paperwork.

The only way I can think of to “fix” the current car buying mess would be for dealers or brands to go the Tesla route, no negotiation at all, everybody pays the same price.

Saturn! 202020


Not much different from honcker.

The weaker brands will die off, that’s a part of the game

Big difference with this vs honckr seems to be that you can choose the car and then get offers on it. With Honckr, you have to take what is already in the system. I’d like to see what kind of deals this produces.