Cars w/ self parking in this market

I’m looking for a car that has the self-parking feature I saw on a BMW 5series. I’m not familiar with any other models that have this feature.

Does anyone know what other cars, preferably smaller cars, have this feature? I’m looking for a car for someone who is not confident with parking well but trying to minimize cost.

I also saw Tesla Model 3 w/ this feature you but need to opt for the Full-Self-Driving package to get it.

Chevy offers this in some models. My fully loaded 2018 Volt had it. I think it was in the safety 2 package?

I’ve seen ads for Hyundai Sonata and Lexus NX with this feature.

I’m sure google will find a listicle somewhere

2017+ Malibu has it

I believe the Sonata doesn’t park itself, but has a feature where you can use the key fob to move it back wards and forwards without being in the car. The intention is to back it out of a spot with the keyfob if someone parks too close to you on the sides.

I get’s confusing because all of them call them different things and some can park while others can’t.

Honestly, spending a few hours to learn parking might be the most cost effective solution. Plus, none of the self-parking systems is 100% reliable, so you would inevitably need to park the car yourself from time to time.

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Are you looking for automated parallel parking?

not just paralell, but also park into a parking space, say in a grocery store parking lot.

Smaaaaht Paahk.


I have this on my Cadillac XT4. By the time you engage, have the system search and locate, I could have just parked it myself. In other words in 2.5 years of ownership I’ve used the system 3x and that was just to see how/if it worked.


My 2013 and 2016 CMax could parallel park itself. I used both systems a total of 0 times myself, but the system worked pretty well.

The challenge right now is not finding a car that has these features, it’s finding a car where these features were not decontented due to chip shortages.

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These systems have zero real-world value. I have always been let down by how impractical they are.


Which Volvos have Park Assist?

“Volvo Cars How To: Parallel Park With Park Assist Pilot | Available in the new S90, V90, V90 Cross Country, XC60, XC90 and XC40”

Had it on my '18 S90 and my '20 V60CC. Attempted to use it like twice. I could have parked the car 5 times in the amount of time it spent attempting to park.

We actually like to drive our cars. We have two Teslas, no FSD.


I’m not saying I would’ve paid any more money for it, but the fact that there was a button instead of a blank on the center console that made it symmetric certainly benefited my OCD.


I had a rental prius that had this, was pleasantly surprised at how easy to use it was and how good of a job it did

Agreed. This is the best solution. Plus I’d throw in that the best $250 I ever spent was for my step-child to take driving lessons at a driving school. Teaching a loved one to drive in your own luxury car and be a powder keg of emotions.


The Jeep compass has this Latitude trim and upwards with the driver assistance group ($1500 option). Would say its one of the cheapest options that has this feature for both purchase and lease (around 350 a month with inceptions).

I had it on my 2020 BMW Z4 but never used it

Where does this driver live…asking for a friend for areas to avoid


I insisted on having this feature in my Volvo. I agree with others - this is a gimmick. When you’re in the heat of the moment, cars are honking the shit out of you, the system just is impractical

I just gave up, learned how to parallel park efficiently.

This is a life skill so learn it