Cars marked as inbound on broker deals

Hi all,

With few cars available and many inbound should cars be listed as inbound in broker ads? Many brokers are transparent with saying a car is inbound if listed as deal not on their shared doc / sheet but should it be standard? Interested to hear your opinions.

We differentiate between vehicles on the ground, inbound, and in production for anything that isn’t a custom order/allocation.

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the ability to secure a car inbound is great, some people want to buy/lease in a few weeks when the lease ends not now

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There’s a huge thread here that got closed recently.

Basically Brokers pay to list their cars here and it’s up to the LHer to contact them and determine if in stock or Inbound.

The broker can tell you upfront but sometimes they are too busy selling cars to list all the little details in a post. But a broker should never say ‘in stock’ when it’s inbound, that’s wrong.