Carmax misquote on payoff

So here is a quick story to share. I recently sold a 2019 VW Tiguan to Carmax, leased through VW Credit. In case you are unfamiliar which I was, they quote higher to sell to a dealer than for a personal buyout. Carmax called VW and they quoted them over the phone the same that I was quoted. Fast forward several weeks later and the car is not paid off, VW Credit says there is almost a $4,000 balance left because they quote FMV for Carmax. They have it in their notes that they quoted Carmax the same as my payoff and have admitted that the fault is on there side, and they received the check from Carmax already. Now I’m in the middle of a litigation between the two parties and waiting to see where the liability falls for the difference in price.
VW conceded on their misquote and agreed to honor the initial price given. Small win for the consumer.


Tell VWFS to eat it, they have the balls to admit it’s in their notes what are they trying to achieve here?


VW won’t give an over the phone payoff to a dealer and will only fax it. So either someone on VW’s end royally messed up or the employee at CarMax was pretending to be you.

Also, my wife’s payoff form VW was only a $500 difference from my VW group dealer to Carmax. Not sure what the difference was if she called looking for a personal payoff.

It is common knowledge here that VW/Audi charges 3rd party dealers more than the lessee for buyouts. Usually that number is right around $4k, give or take.

My next step would be to get ahold of someone at Carvana and get that dealer payoff letter. If VW genuinely misquoted them and is now asking you for more money, they can and should pound sand. It may take an attorney to convince them of that.

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That’s my feeling on this one. Carmax has to pay whatever else in order to get a title anyway or they can fight it. It’s just a matter of what to do with the monthly payments and not getting a ding on my credit for missed payments in the meantime?

VW had Carmax give me the phone in order to authorize them to talk to Carmax. I should hear back this week and I’ll share the outcome. VW said normally it would no be a big deal to eat the cost but it has to be routed up since it’s several thousand. If it was faxed in this whole situation would be easier, paper documentation.

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It is just shocking to me they quoted CarMax over the phone. I called VW using my work info from Porsche and they would only fax it and that has been the case for a few years now. Whoever gave you the payoff must have thought you were purchasing it or was very new. I sold my wife’s VW to CarMax and we had to wait 3 hours for VW to send over a payoff.

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Yea idk, I just spoke with VW on the phone. They faxed something to Carmax the day the car was sold but have no idea what they faxed? The whole process did take a couple hours though.

Terrific advice if OP loves collection agencies and setting their credit score on fire.


Looks like that’s what exactly VW did, thoughts?

I mean I didn’t ask OP to write down “eat it” and send to VW via email, my intention was tell him to fight back based on the fact that VWFS owns the car, decides to sell to a third party at a price they had agreed and documented. Isn’t this the consensus of this forum when captives decides to sell high to other 3rd parties? And after all VW is a fairly customer-centered business, what would be the chances of VW taking this to debt collections and has its arse backfired?


CarMax will have to eat it if they took possession of the car already.

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