Car Totaled in lease?



Probably I’m just clueless on how it works. But I know my neighbor once filed a claim and received a whopping $300 after I bumped into her beat up Altima in the garage. She did not use it to fix her car though :slight_smile:


That Bitch! :wink:


Assume its totaled, but you need to wait for a teardown.


Spoke to Geico and said it will be 45% to be considered a total loss. Right now it is $3,000 away from being totaled


So, the likelihood is high then once they rip it open and start the supplemental claims.


Also she told me they value’d the car at $50K even but our buyout is 43K… would we get back $7K?? Confused lol


Probably look at this. I feel like it is a good deal :slight_smile:


Do you have the time to do a lease transfer?


Ohh yeah damnit. Swap a lease said it usually takes 2-3 weeks which is fine cause we will be on vacay till January


Doesn’t matter what SAL says. It’s between you, the seller and BMWFS. For all you know, either of those parties could spend some time on vacation too.


Good point. Let’s see.

I emailed the shop cause looking at the geico estimate they did $39 an hour for repair cost and I never seen any shop charge that cheap. I assume shop will come back with a higher rate, which would deem the car to be totaled


In California, customer has a right to choose the repair facility, it does not have to be the insurance company’s recommended facility. Check to see if it is the same in your state and get an estimate from a different shop to see if geico will total it . 3k is easy to cover I think .


I chose this shop actually but if local shop doesn’t play ball, I’ll have it towed to Volvo itself since I know they def are much more expensive and will nick pick everything.


Volvo dealer doesn’t repair accident damages, they send you to body shops.


He meant Turo :smirk:

But really the other party’s insurance is supposed to cover a rental car since op is now car-less and his life has been inconvenienced in that he used to have a car and now doesn’t.


I just emailed the body shop to see how the hourly rate will effect it. By changing it from $39 to national average of $49, it will tack on $1500 more. On the estimate, I don’t see any charges for re-programming the vehicle cause this Volvo system is very sensitive to be honest.


Rate is probably specific for the insurance company, similar to healthcare. In network providers get paid peanuts, but it is quick and volume makes up for it.


Assuming they were at fault. I didn’t notice if that was specified here though.


I just spoke to the adjuster again and told her that after repairs are fixed, it needs to go to Volvo for everything to be re-programmed such as airbags, instrument clusters, etc. This hasn’t been included in the estimate, which makes me think now it will be AT LEAST a few thousand to do so. I know when my old MB was in an accident, I had to take it to the dealer because of an airbag light kept popping up


If the body shop you choose has a higher daily storage charge than the average shop your carrier has a deal with, the difference will be taken out of the funds you will get from your insurance.

I just went through this 3 months ago and it sorta sucked