Car that I signed a lease for is never coming - what to do?

I signed a lease for a Toyota Venza on 6/6/22. The car was not at the dealership when I signed but the salesman told me the car will arrive in 1-2 weeks. Now we are over 7 weeks out, car has not arrived.

They have changed their story so many times. At first the car was coming on a ship from Japan, which I suspected was a lie because the paperwork showed the car has 87 miles. Just recently the salesman told me they were trying to get the car from another dealership and the dealership got a better deal and sold the car to someone else. Today the sales manager sent me a screenshot showing a car with a different VIN is en route on a shipping vessel. When I told him that’s not the VIN I leased, he told me the VIN I signed a lease for was a temporary VIN.

I found the documentation from Toyota showing the “Date of First Use” as June 11. The dealership indicated on the paperwork below is not the dealership I leased the car from:
Vehicle Specs - 2022 Venza HV XLE.pdf (51.7 KB)

And here is the lease deal:
Venza.pdf (1.1 MB)

I asked the sales manager to cancel my lease and send me the paperwork. I really do not believe he will do it. What are my options? What recourse do I have? Are they obligated to get me the car I signed a lease for? They are telling me to wait another 2 weeks for “the car” to arrive.

Thanks for any input on this situation!

Sounds more like you ‘preordered’ and not signed, did you send them Cash?
The ‘Temp Vin’ is a bit of a lie, as long as the specs and MSRP (And color?) are the same, it doesn’t matter does it?

No I did not give them cash. I did sign a Toyota Lease agreement. No it doesn’t matter but I just don’t believe at this point they will come through and actually get me a Venza. I have zero trust in them.

Have you been making monthly payments or was the lease contract just an exemplar at ordering to show what the cost will be?

I have not been making monthly payments. I called Toyota Financial and Toyota Financial did not receive the lease paperwork.

The lease agreement is not an exemplar. It’s an actual signed lease agreement, like you would get with any lease.

It sounds like it was an exemplar if has not ever been executed, otherwise youd be coming up on your 2nd missed payment.

(I understand that the dealer didnt communicate it as such)

At this point, it sounds like you do not have a lease, just a dealer that collected info and then had something weird happen. If/when this new vehicle comes in, theyd have to have you sign a new contract.

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I just assumed the dealership did not send the paperwork to Toyota Financial. Is there any way to check if my paperwork is an exemplar? Or does the fact that Toyota Financial not have the paperwork yet show that it was an exemplar?

When I signed, the dealership told me I would start making payments when the car arrived.

To be clear, im using exemplar to describe a draft lease used to show cost. It isnt an “official” thing.

Right now, you dont have a lease. The dealer cant just submit a several month old lease contract on a different vin and have toyota fund it. They would have to either forge all your information on a new lease (unlikely) or have you sign a new lease when you come to take delivery (highly likely).

If you dont get an immediate response from the dealer, i would freeze your credit and then reach out to the dealership gm.

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