Car Shipper Chicago - Dallas

Can anyone recommend a good car shipper from Chicago to Dallas? Uship tends to get overpriced.

How so? It’s a bidding system people are competitively bidding for your business

Its not competitive. You can go offline and find way better deals.

So basically you’re saying it’s cheaper “offline” but don’t know where, ask us for a recommendation where and when i ask how you come to that conclusion you just basically say that’s how it is but nothing to back up that statement?


Don’t start getting all arrogant. I used to be able to do it from NY. You build a network of independent carriers and/or brokers and cut costs that way. This time NY is not in the picture. uShip has historically quoted me the highest prices by far and the reason is blatantly obvious.

If I wanted uShip I would’ve done a google search instead of going to a forum. I was hoping someone around here is connected to Chicago routes.

I asked you to elaborate and you basically say “that’s how it is”. We like to deal with facts on this forum, you could have just answered with the answer that followed instead of calling me arrogant.


I asked for a recommendation for a carrier. My response was “go to uShip.” Its very naive to believe that uShip is going to get you the best price. Have you ever asked a dealer if they use uShip? they’ll tell you no. Never.

uShip just pairs you with a company that knows you as a one off retail customer.

It also doesn’t directly answer the question. Its akin to asking to be introduced to a nice girl and the response being “go to tinder.” Seriously?

Have you then asked the dealer who they use instead?

I never said uShip has the best price, i asked you to elaborate on your: “uShip tends to get over priced” and “it’s not competitive”.

Simply not true, a lot of dealers use uShip and similar services, especially those who don’t do a lot of out-of-state deals because they don’t have a shipper they work with regularly.

The open-carrier car shipping business is mostly set up to use the broker system and are mostly not set up to deal with end-consumers. Even if you are a one-off customer, they know they’re competing on price so that argument doesn’t fly based on the way it’s set up. It’s too hard to accommodate that many people looking for shippers with that many route possibilities and that many dates to do it otherwise. If you were to contact a shipper directly, you might get a slightly cheaper quote because you’ll save on the broker fee but you might have to wait longer until that particular shipper drives that route and has room on his trucks. The chance that you tell one particular shipper "go pick up my car on Tuesday at 2PM at X dealership in Y town and deliver it to Z destination within 3 days is unlikely to happen, especially at a “significant” discount.

@mp11477 made a good suggestion to ask your dealer if they have a shipper they work with on a regular basis but I haven’t found that to be significantly cheaper.

In my experience, uShip and other brokers are not necessarily more expensive if you have flexibility and are looking to ship a common route, you might save the small broker fee which might come at the expense of having to wait to ship a car while the you’re already paying for it which offsets the savings.