Car lease/purchase on short notice. What have you got?

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LH friends.

My family and i have temporarily left the US a few months ago - that includes selling vehicle(s), not taking delivery my 4xe sahara order, and leaving our rental property…
As things are clearing up we’re ready to come back by the end of the year/early 2023.
In all honesty i have struggled to keep up properly with the automotive situation since July/August as my family and i have been living out of suitcases at the other side of the world - all i know that despite improvements in supply - other factors are still keeping the situation very far from a buyer’s market (?)
Because of the uncertainty of our situation (when and where we would be coming back) i didn’t order a vehicle and now i am facing the possibility of paying a heavy rental price until i figure things out.
I am someone who mostly went for vehicles i actually liked but i don’t believe i have ever been this flexible as i really dont want to spend 1000$ / Month to rent a sedan for too long…

Yes i will most likely work with a broker but with the LH broker network being a little weak in GA i find myself with the extra burden of having to pay fees+shipping so i want to benefit from my dealer network before going that route.

-I have already looked at BMWs and numbers just dont add up these days (would have liked an X1 or 330e) so its a pass
-Was willing to pay MSRP for a 2023 CRV Hybrid (for their resale value) but these wont be coming until end Feb the earliest - so i dont have the luxury of waiting months for a car
-As an EV driver i am a little confused on the upcoming changes and thought about a 2023 ID4 but the only trim that can be found right now is 54k+Tax and i don’t believe its a good car to keep - are EV6’s / MMEs / Ioniq5’s etc…still impossible to find on the ground at MSRP?
-Tesla is never again for me plus too expensive.
-i have none of the Volvo qualifications to benefit from their generous incentives
-Is my only option to do a 24/12 on a CX9 at this point :slight_smile:
-Trucks are not an option

I would like to stay in the 40 /45 k max on a purchase and 500/600 payment with a minimal DAS on a lease
Any suggestions for a short/medium term solution while things improve would be welcomed.

On the other hand what would you recommend in terms of rental/temporary vehicle? Looks like SIXT has a long term program called SIXT+ but not a lot of choice and for a small SUV you’re already approaching the 1k / Month.
Uber is not an option for us because we will be in a car centric city and have a baby

Finally, there is a slight chance may be moving to Chicagoland - are the suburbs also very prohibitive for leases? Or it is just limited to the city? Recommend to lease there or in GA and take car(s) with me?

Thank you as always

Welcome back man

4Runner 4x4?

Not sure I am that flexible lol - will look into it - leasing well?

PS: congrats on the win VS Argentina today :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Toyotas base mf is 8%+ better buy
I see dealers doing 3k off

Haha held on for dear life :sweat_smile:


Don’t forget a 18/10 on a Murano. Nissan is subsidizing that model. Frontier/ Altima / Murano


Everyone here is losing their minds. 2-1


Seems it has the same interior as 2003. Will look into it thanks @forbs

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To me it sounds like there are a lot of variables in your life that suggest leasing may not be ideal right now. You have a reasonable purchase budget that can get you a nice used (or even new) car for a couple years. However, if you want the most bang for your buck with the least amount of effort, the CX9 or various Nissans are the best you’ll find right now. On the ground broker deals may pop up but that’s not a guarantee.

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Get a Nissan Frontier with a tonneau cover. It will have all the same space basically as the CRV hybrid and the lease is ultra short 18 months so you can go to what you’re looking for above without taking a huge bath now.

The poor people in the back of the Frontier…hehe

As long as i can fit a convertible car seat in the back seat i will look into it. Am also gonna quote the Pathfinder on an 18Mo - probably more pricey - but better family vehicle.

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Going to use this as the TL; DR version of your post.

As some have already suggested, check out broker deals in the Marketplace for cars that meet your criteria.


The suburbs cap out at 8.25% on the payment. Chicago is 9.5% on the payment and then you get the privilege of paying another 9% on top of that payment. So a $500 payment becomes $600 in the city.

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If you can find an in-transit 2023 Telluride at sticker that ought to be both a better vehicle and a lower TCO.

Even though the broader used car market is past its peak insanity (I sold my 22 for its OTD price one year and 6,xxx miles later), I expect the refresh to allow the 2023 Tellurides to hold their values very well.

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Oof that’s brutal.

Btw is a front wheel drive car ok for Chicago winters? What about rwd+winter tires?


I don’t want anyone to get offended, but:

Crown Victoria.

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3k off? Already?

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The only time i ever set foot in a Kia dealership was to TD the EV6 and get a 10k ADM :slight_smile:
So do I waste my time or go the broker route here?
It’s a lot of car / tech for the money though. Thanks for the heads up!

A convertible in rear facing mode is not going to be an easy fit in the back of a Frontier. You may also want to consider fuel costs.

Probably better off with an Altima or spend a bit more for a Murano or Pathfinder.

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I got a Tacoma from them no games

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