Car Buying Training/Certification

Here’s a bit of an off the wall question… anyone here tracking any financial training certifications specializing in car purchases/sales?

I know a lot of what we do is based on personal experience, on the job experience, and self taught through online literature and YouTube videos or word of mouth…

Are there actually and certification programs that have been developed?

Why pay for something that getting a job as a car salesman will teach you for freeand get paid for it?

And no, i am not aware of a course in car sales

So there’s context to this. I was hoping to approach this more from an angle of being a fiduciary, but for car buying.

Two months ago I built a presentation for giving a car buying seminar for people looking to decide whether to buy a car when they get stationed in Germany or to ship a car from the states. I get this question a lot and now I have a regular venue where I provide this seminar on a bi-weekly basis to young junior military members.

My desire was to start doing training courses and acquire a certificate of sorts to be able to badge myself with more credibility. The military is a bit apprehensive about giving me too much of a platform because there’s no way of guaranteeing that the advice I give is legitimate and correct through an accredited authority and I absolutely am not authorized to provide financial advice in any capacity.

I suppose working on a fiduciary is a better step forward.

The “trusted hackr” is a certification

You can pay me and I’ll certify you




A leasing certification for dealer employees would be more useful.

There is training for all the roles in a car dealership: sales, F&I, service. Usually done in-person but I have seen it online (though I’d have to find it again). I don’t know that it gets you to the point of a fiduciary.

I do know (not well, through someone) a broker, not on LH, who got certified as a financial planner to be a fiduciary. Another possible route to consider.

An admirable take on this, and a great question.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m going to look into this as an option to be taken a little more serious. My goal is to expand this from just one base to providing support to members going overseas to Europe in general. Just trying to figure out ways to maximize my community impact.