Canadian Cars in US Market?

Lately I’ve been noticing a hefty chunk of 2-4 year old Canadian-spec cars for sale by dealers here in the US market.

Lots of Audis and BMWs are surfacing with cheap cluster modifications or coding to display imperial units. Look into any of these examples and sure enough, Carfax has their history first punched in Canada.

Has anyone noticed an uptick in this as well?

Thinking there may be an arbitrage opportunity that presented itself in this market, but not quite sure.

2019 S5

2018 M3

The Audi is covered as Audi covers US and Canada in one doc

If it is transferred properly BEFORE you take custody of it. If not, then no

And hopefully it’s registered in the US already as the rules to certify it are brutal at times

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Audi does cover Canadian vehicle warranty claims as well as recalls in the US now.


Canada has slightly more stringent requirements vs the US. Mainly daytime running lights and very slightly higher bumper requirements. To be legally imported, the manufacturer can provide a letter that the vehicle meets requirements.

What’s more important is that most Canadian cars are down leveled and often come with fewer standard options, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison. To make up for the Canadian market where incomes are a bit lower plus the exchange rate, you’ll find some features sometimes missing or aren’t standard.

Interesting didn’t realize there were options differences like that.

I’ve seen a few Canadian cars sitting in dealer inventory in the past. Typically they sat forever and were always under the similar US spec unit market value. Never this many though…

Perhaps there is an arbitrage opportunity with Canada wholesale values?

I’ve never heard of this, it’s always the opposite direction. Basically anything Honda/Acura is gutted in the US vs Canada. Look at the new Civic Si for instance. US version missing many features.