Can you still lease 2020 m550i

Not sure if bmw has dropped lease support for 2020 model

Yes you can.

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If you can find a new 2020 M550i on the lot… the BMW experts can opine, but I thought the 2020 M550i’s were long gone since production was shutdown and then switched to 2021’s back in… June/July?

There are a few of them out there.

checked and there’s 2…

λ node bmw.js
Total Vehicles Found: 2
WBAJS7C08LCD12640 2020 M550i xDrive Sedan ($83495) with Alpine White color and Cognac Dakota Leather with contrast stitching and 19" wheels from Gebhardt BMW, CO
Driving Assistance Plus Package
Premium Package
Parking Assistance Package
WBAJS7C05LCE54850 2020 M550i xDrive Sedan ($90500) with Alpine White color and Night Blue Dakota Leather w/contrast stitching/piping and 19" wheels from Capital BMW, FL
Parking Assistance Package
Executive Package

When does BMW stop running lease support for any of their 2020 vehicles? I wanna get one before they do.

IIRC it’s been around till December at least. After that, it’s model specific, but usually doesn’t last past March/April of the year after

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