Can you sell a leased Nissan back to Nissan?


My Nissan is up this month. I was wondering if I can sell my leased car back to Nissan for a profit. My goal is to avoid having to pay sales tax on the buyout and just sell it directly to them.

Yes, you can sell to any Nissan or Infiniti dealer that’ll play ball.

In Your case I would reach out to @aronchi and see what He can offer

send me the vin and miles please.

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Mike, will You be able to help with selling leased Ford?

yes i can. we can help with all brands that do not allow third party buyouts, except volvo. we can do all Ford, GMC, Honda, BMW, MB, VW/Audi…

What exactly can you help with? Is it just easing the pain and suffering of having to deal with the dealer, or can you help get higher values, or…? I also have Nissan lease ending, and CarMax is offering a nice amount, but the idea of buying my lease, paying fees, and waiting for the title just so I can sell it isn’t very appealing.

i’m not going to try to compete with carmax, but i can cash out any of these cars very quickly. if the cars are in good condition and in the money, believe all parties can benefit.

and we would avoid paying the buyout sales tax + fees right?

that’s correct.

It’s tempting, until I remember that I still have no idea what I’m going to replace it with and can’t find anything I’ll actually be happy with in my budget.

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Are you sure about Ford? The last time my inifniti dealer wanted to buy an Explorer from the customer, Ford clearly mentioned that only the customer on the lease (after paying tax and fees) or another Ford dealer can buy it and even the payoff for those two parties was different. The customer could get it for much cheaper even than the Ford dealer.

i’m aware that a ford dealer can buy it. on the payoffs i have called in, payoff to dealer was same as customer.

Pm’d to you

The dealer I got my car from emailed me the other day with a link to get a quote, and then I talked to them this morning. They said they’ll buy it back and give me a check, which will be about $6600. I figured they wouldn’t give me the money unless I put it towards a new Nissan.

Great news until I remember that I still can’t find anything I want to replace it with.

The used car sales manager sounded about as stressed I feel with the current state of the market.

I’m possibly interested in help with unloading my mom’s Rogue. It’s a 2020 Intelligent SVAWD. She barely put any miles on it (3500) and is going into assisted living. Perfect condition. Maybe it’s worth just going to Nissan. She signed a 3mo. lease. I have PoA now and am trying to declutter and get rid of stuff.

That sounds like a potential candidate to buy before flipping, depending on where you live. Offers outside of Nissan dealers could be worth more than your payoff plus TTL.

Check the box for “owned and not “leased” while getting online offers from all the usual sources

True. Yeah I just want to get rid of it ASAP as I’m in the process of making a move as well. I’m in Ohio.

Are you still leasing Nissan cars? I have a Rogue sv awd with 24 k miles coming off lease in May. Current payment is 320 a month. Didn’t put any money down

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