Can you recommend a good Volvo dealer?


After some research, I’m thinking to lease a Volvo, S90 or XC60 or XC90. But I didn’t find a recommended Volvo dealer in the good dealers thread. I’m in bayarea, shipping is acceptable for me.


Just email all the dealers around you. Just because someone got a good deal once doesn’t mean it will get duplicated. I would narrow down the car choice and shop all the dealers near you.

Agree with @JamesBond. But if you do strike out check this previous thread on SoCal Volvo dealers as it’s a quick flight down.

SoCal Volvo Dealer suggestions?

Bay area dealers tend to be very price tight.
With all the serious competition in So Cal,
It is worth the one way flight to southern Calif for a better deal and drive it back home.

My favorite Volvo dealer that will deal very well: Galpin Volvo - they are a numbers game (volume) dealer.
They even offered to discount a Euro delivery car which normally is a fixed discount but if you buy from them, they will give you another discount making the deal even sweeter…

I found galpin to be stingy and they kept insisting on getting lojack on the car. But again just proves the point that you have to shop all dealers around as everyone seems to have a different experience.

Thank you for all the replies. I’ve never deal with a non local dealer before, how is it like? Do I really need to be present to sign the documents and do I have to drive it home or can they ship it? It does sound to be a viable plan for me to make a trip to SoCal in Dec to buy a car if they can ship it.

Better to deal with an in-state dealer even though it might be far away.
Deal with then via email and overnight mail.
Cheapest to take the train or one way flight then have them pick you up at the station/airport.
Drive your car home and enjoy.

Shipping the car will cost you extra and risk of damage in transit.

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I shopped at galpin before getting my volvo at Culver City and I did not find galpin to be aggressive with their pricing at all.

If Bay Area dealer’s won’t play ball, spend the $70 or whatever it is on a one way flight down to LA one morning and drive the car back same day.

@TonyAdam - if you’re getting a 2018 S90, then A-Plan is the way to go ($3K below invoice minus incentives) and any dealer who is signed up with A-Plan can help you. On a 2018 XC60 or XC90 A-Plan is $750 below invoice minus incentives, so a dealer can out-discount A-Plan, although it’s a painful way for the dealer to go vs A-Plan.

Part of the equation is finding the car you want and where it’s located. There are 2019 XC60 and XC90s in stock, and I believe 2019 S90s at the port.