Can you check on this lease deal on 2020 Audi A7 Premium?

Hey guys,

I got this lease deal on 2020 Audi A7 Premium. What do you think? I’m not putting anything down so the monthly payment is actually $819.78 with $819.78 (first month) due at signing.

I think you should look at numbers on a premium plus, add Audicare to bump the residual, and ask for a 10% discount before incentives.

Thanks. I wanted to lease a premium plus, but they don’t have one. Would Audicare bump the residual?

You need to be negotiating with way more than one dealership

By one point, yes. It’s 999 I believe and it gets residualized. It’ll end up costing you an extra 15 or so bucks per month, but it’s worth the residual bump and maintenance costs over the term.

As stated, you need to seek out more than one dealership. Inventory may be short due to Covid however, and thus dealers may not be willing to make a deal that benefits you.

Thanks for your advice.