Can we just ban bad new users?


Interesting idea. Guarantee the comments will include questions you covered in the video.


If they don’t want to read they will not watch. They want instant answers.


That would be awesome 99% of time when I get “your numbers don’t add up to calculator” its because they input it wrong.


Quiz as mentioned wouldn’t be a bad idea, sounds like fun too.

Can we request the ban of bad current users, too?

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Isn’t banning current users is upto mods?


We may eliminate 20% of stupid questions with a sticky in the Ask the Hackers thread pointing them to Edmunds for MF/RV.


Half the time they leave the default residual in there, they want it :spoon: fed!


TIL there is a spoon emoji.

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You overestimate their power.


I really miss @Eric_N such a pleasant guy, only 990+ years to go


I was just thinking about this. We have so many people fishing around to locate the dealer and car to work around our fee. Can we block IP addresses of those people? h

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We should just ban people who disagree with us and when we’re feeling especially vile? Dox the ones we don’t like!


Start off by banning the diesel drivers!


Warning points for asking stupid questions and time out after 3 strikes.


Or, bouncing off the above idea, put in a timeout system like when you use the wrong login for your bank or phone. First stupid question is a 1-hr timeout on your account, 2nd is a day, and so on. :yum:

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Ya’ll are ruthless :laughing:


Not to ask an obvious question but who wants to police all that noise…


Sounds like @28firefighter wants a police badge next to his name

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Not it. 202020


Sort of like a rep system? One of the other forums I post on did that a few years ago. It was removed though after people started abusing it.