Can there be a list of best MF and RV's for forum supporters?

I pay for the monthly calculator/ratefinder, and it really helped me grab a screaming deal on a Cadillac. When I was searching for deals, I was open to many options. I thought it would be great to have a list of the current months greatest money factors and residual values, for those who are just looking for a great deal regardless of the deal.

Can you write a list of the best ones you found while searching and update it each month? Would be a good start to generating what you’re suggesting.


And don’t forget incentives that could make the best deals even with the worst MF.

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Dear Vhooloo had a short time where he made a hot sheet of deals; while many their… antics were less productive that was a pretty good one

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And some makes/models/rates/incentives are region-specific.

And NJ is great for EV’s as they aren’t taxed.

Some manufacturers have different incentives for different regions. Posting RV/Incentives on the forum would probably cause confusion/misinformation to those who don’t really do their homework. They’d be contacting dealers demanding RV/Incentives that are available in the NE only, but the person lives in CA. Then get on here and rant about “stealerships.”


Thanks for all the insight into this. Its definitely more complicated than I originally thought it was. Is there any way to search by region currently, across all manufacturers?

Not unless you are a dealer. But then they don’t ‘look at the whole region to find deals’ they find out when a customer comes in and they discover the deals that are appropriate I would bet.

For a LeaseHackr like yourself, just look at the Marketplace and see what the ‘popular deal’ is.

You’re over complicating something that is already complicated. If the brand offers incentives based on where the car is registered, it doesn’t matter unless there is region specific dealer cash. If it’s a brand whose incentives are based on where the dealer is (eg Volvo), then you can check the various regions to see if the incentives are better.

The Marketplace here is a better cue of what is leasing well, and where, without trying to look at every brand and region, every month.