Can someone please evaluate the deal I just made on a Genesis G 80 Sport?

Seems to be a lot of talk on this site re Volvos, and since the XC90 received such praise last year…They’ve come a long way since they were bought by a Chinese Co.
Actually, my first car was a P1800, very hot car for it’s time…I’m sure not too many readers here even know it!:thinking:

You really paid $199 for a Window Vin Etching!? Do you read these forums at all?

I have 3 payments left on a 2015 genesis that ive learned that i was raked over the coals 555 monthly with 2500 down. I did have 3-4 payments left on my azera that they so called swallowed up. they are now offering to pay off the genesis in order to get me into a new one. the price for the lease they are asking is 565 monthly with 2k down! there is no way that im going to do that again Like someone suggested in an earlier post, I can get an s90 same features for about 350 monthly. I’m so done with hyundai and their dealers ripping me off

Couldn’t agree more re: the S90. I know I’m supposed to love it, I just don’t.

The front quarter is gorgeous. To me, though, the rest of the car looks like what a designer in the 80’s thought a luxury car would look like in the 2000’s. Like an old movie that took place in the future. Modern, yet somehow, already dated.

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FYI…I received this quote on a G80 Sport.

Here is your quote for a 2018 Genesis G80 Sport 3.3 Turbo

36 month lease

12,000 miles per year

Total of $1,000 due at signing

35 remaining payments of $649/mo…….$667/mo for 15,000 miles

Includes all taxes/fee’s and 1st payment